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Online Roulette At Gaming Club Canada

Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games in the world, and so it comes as no surprise that online roulette is a firm favourite with players. With a wealth of exciting roulette options available here at Gaming Club, take a seat and play the latest and best online roulette titles around.

Online Roulette online casino gaming club

Play The Best Roulette Games Online

When we set out to create the best online casino in Canada, we knew there were certain games that were essential. These had to be on offer, and their quality had to unsurpassable. Near the very top of the list was online roulette. We’re pleased to offer all our players access to a range of the very best roulette games to play online.

When it comes to playing online roulette, there are some fantastic options available. Players can choose from French Roulette, European Roulette or American Roulette, which features the famous 00 on its wheel.

If you prefer to take things at your own pace, we have a number of high quality video roulette options to select from. Place bets and watch as the wheel spins, just as you would expect in a casino. These games take you straight to the heart of roulette, spinning as quickly as you want, and are a popular choice in our comprehensive range of casino table games.

Using a random number generator (RNG) ensures that simulated online roulette titles are completely fair. With gorgeous graphics and interfaces, placing your bets is easy and the roulette games look and feel just as good whatever device you use, including mobile roulette play for the ultimate in convenience.

A Real Casino Experience With Live Roulette

Taking the real casino experience to the next level, our range of live roulette games give players access to a real croupier and a real roulette table, with all the action streamed live and direct from a real casino environment.

If you’re looking for an authentic casino experience then playing live roulette online is the real deal. See and hear everything unfold in real-time, and place your bets and interact via a slick control panel on the screen of your computer or mobile device, that puts all the control you’d want in a roulette game right at your fingertips.


How To Play Online Roulette

If you’re already familiar with roulette then you’ll find playing the game online incredibly straightforward. But even if you’re new to playing roulette, it’s a simple game to understand. There are a range of betting options you can make which relate to predicting where the ball will land when the roulette wheel stops spinning.

Bet on your favorite number, bet on odds or evens or black or red. However you want to bet, the slick and intuitively designed interfaces of the roulette games available here at Gaming Club make for easy and highly entertaining gameplay.

This game really has its own unique charms; there is the chance aspect that makes it similar to slot games, but there are also tactical aspects to consider. While not as complex as Blackjack can be, paying attention to your betting moves can help you enjoy your roulette experience more and possibly win bigger payouts. If you’re making use of a casino bonus or two with us, that is especially true.  Find out more information on how to play Online Roulette

History & Evolution Of Roulette

These casino games originated in France, partially from the work of mathematician Blaise Pascale as he tried to create a perpetual motion machine. From here they spread to the rest of Europe, and then to the new world of America.

Roulette has evolved a little over the years, however the concept of the game has remained the same. Enjoyed at almost every casino around the world for generations, roulette offers the perfect combination of thrills, energy and winning potential. Playing roulette online is now the most convenient and contemporary way to enjoy the game, with the freedom to select from a range of options any time of day or night.

Gameplay in Online Roulette Casino Games

The pace of live dealer casino games online is similar to what you’d find at a traditional bricks and mortar casino, because in both cases real people are operating physical equipment. For our other versions of roulette, the Random Number Generation and animations make things play out a lot more quickly, and you’re able to jump straight into your next spin of the wheel as fast as you like.

However you are playing at our online casino, the rules for roulette are the same. A ball is dropped onto a spinning wheel, and you need to place bets on where it will be when the wheel comes to rest. The wheel has panels that are alternately coloured in red and black and numbered from 1 to 36, as well as a green segment numbered 0.

Each of the game variations at our casino has the numbers in its own unique order, and the American games also feature an extra green panel numbered 00. Bets are placed on a special table, by putting chips in the appropriate area.

Possible Bets in Online Roulette

The roulette wagers you can place vary slightly between the different versions of the game, but they are generally the same at casinos online as they are in land-based establishments. There are 2 areas where stakes can be placed; around the outer edge of the table and on its interior.

The arrangement of the Little Wheel’s betting table has led to the terms Outside and Inside Bets, to describe the different possibilities.


Outside Bets In Online Roulette

Outside bets in roulette have much better odds and tend to be much more general than inside bets. They’re a good idea if you are new to playing roulette at a casino online, or to land-based games for that matter. The most common outside bets are the Red/Black, High/Low and Odd/Even wagers. These are, respectively, predictions on whether the ball will land in a red or black panel, in a panel numbered from 19 to 36 or from 1 to 18, or in an odd- or even-numbered segment of the roulette wheel. With odds of nearly 50%, they have a good chance of winning and pay out even money, and are one of the simplest roulette bets to place.

Inside Bets In Roulette

Inside Bets can get as specific as predicting the exact panel into which the ball will fall. At the most, the range of possibilities they cover is very limited. Their payouts rise along with their odds, as is always the case with the greatest games online. If you’re looking for the longest odds in roulette and the highest potential return, albeit with more risk, then inside bets are the way to go.

Play Online Roulette At Gaming Club Canada

Wherever you are in your roulette journey, Gaming Club can help you out along the way. Start with some simple outside bets to learn roulette basics and try the more complex inside bets as you develop your confidence. Whether you want to play roulette simulations that put you in control, or live roulette for an authentic casino experience, you can access our fantastic range of games on any device and at any time. Use your next casino bonus to bet and win even more!


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