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1st Deposit - Match bonus up to $200 • 2nd Deposit - Match Bonus up to $150 • 10 daily spins to win a Million • New customers only • Min deposit $10 • Wagering and terms apply

Emperor Of The Sea Slot Game

Of the seafaring nations to make their mark on world history, few are as fascinating as ancient China. This millennia-old nation of warring kingdoms and imperial majesty comes to life in Microgaming’s Emperor of the Sea Slot Game, which depicts the nation’s proud heritage of sea trade. Learn the history, engage in culture, and meet the mighty Emperor of the sea himself, the majestic dragon.

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About Emperor Of The Sea

Emperor of the Sea boasts colourful imagery depicting the artefacts commonly traded by China through its maritime history, including jade vases, turtle statues, and an ancient coin traded in China, the sycee. In addition to these objects, the game features maritime creatures, including those of legend. Players can expect to find the koi carp and the dragon, a symbol shared across many ancient cultures but perhaps most famous in Chinese culture. In terms of aesthetics, the game looks and feels authentically Asian. Waves crashing together complement the beams of sunlight just as much as the style of illustrated symbols stand out against the colourful background.

How to Play Emperor Of The Sea Slot Game

Playing Emperor of the Sea is quite easy when compared to most other online casino games. There are five reels and 88 paylines to select. This latter number isn’t chosen without a reason; 88 symbolises abundance, success, and fortune in Chinese culture. Players select their desired payline(s), place bets, then spin the reels to reveal winning sequences of symbols. Bets start as low as 0.88 and go all the way up to 44.00. This makes Emperor of the Sea an ideal game for players of all budget levels, but it truly allows high rollers to maximise their earnings, especially when combined with a multiplier of up to 100x.

Emperor Of The Sea Slot Rules & Stats

As with many other online casino slot games, Emperor of the Sea uses wild and scatter icons. These are represented by the Emperor of the Sea logo symbol and the Chinese Gold Ingot, respectively. The Emperor of the Sea symbol works by substituting for any missing symbols along a payline to form a winning sequence. The only exception where it cannot substitute is for the Chinese Gold Ingot. The Chinese Gold Ingot is the scatter icon, which enables players that landed at least three of these symbols to enter a bonus round of eight free spins.

Special Features

There is one bonus round in Emperor of the Sea which is enabled whenever players land at least three scatter symbols. This bonus round contains eight free spins, in which players can take advantage of Rolling Reels and Growing Wilds. The first feature, Rolling Reels, exchanges all winning symbols in a sequence with new symbols. Players win once with their original payout, then potentially again if these new symbols form a winning sequence. This feature is a great way to stack up earnings without having to invest more. The second feature, Growing Wilds, simply adds more wild icons, the Emperor of the Sea logo, to reels. Every consecutive spin, to a maximum of 15, will gradually accrue more and more potential wild symbols. Since the wild symbol substitutes itself to create winning sequences, more wild symbols in the pool of possible symbols means that players can rapidly increase their winning potential. For those looking for an Asian-themed slot game that takes a different aesthetic approach than the typical Chinese New Year and other familiar themes, give Emperor of the Sea a go and find the elusive dragon along the way.

Play Emperor Of The Sea Slots

With simple, clean graphics and some enjoyable bonus features, Emperor Of The Sea is an easy playing slot game. The Asian theme looks great and evokes a feeling of great sea voyages from history. With some big wins on the horizon, this game could certainly be very rewarding if your luck is in!


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